Bộ tài liệu và bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7 theo chương trình mới – Chuyên đề WORD FORMS (UNIT 7-12)



Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentence.

1. Young children are expected to show _____________ to their parents. (obey)

2. When cycling on the roads, remember: _____________ first. (safe)

3. Children should avoid _____________ foods such as hamburger and chips. (health)

4. Most road accidents happen because the motorists drive _____________. (care)

5. It is unsafe and _____________ to pass another vehicle on the left. (legal)

6. My _____________ was delayed for over two hours due to bad weather. (fly)

7. Everyone should _____________ obey traffic rules for their own safety. (strict)

8. The policeman _____________ the car to stop with a flashlight. (sign)

9. Signs with red circles are mostly _____________ – that means you can’t do something. (prohibit)

10. This _____________ sign indicates that traffic lights are ahead. (warn)

11. It’s _____________ to drive in the rush hours on the roads. (danger)

12. I’m not used to _______________ on the left. (drive)

13. He was fined for his missing _______________. (park)

14. We had a very _______________ evening in Lon don last month. (enjoy)

15. I believe you because I know you are always _______________. (truth)

16. Nam is very _______________in driving. (interest)

17. He drives so _______________ that he is sure to have an accident. (care)

18. John has a large _______________ of cars. (collect)

19. That car company has 2000 _______________. (employ)

20. Every week, there are two _______________ from Noi Bai to Cam Ranh airport. (fly)




Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentences.

1. It’s bad for young kids to see _______________on TV. (violent)

2. This is a _______________story, you shouldn’t read it alone. (frighten)

3. Titanic is a _______________movie. It has a sad ending and everyone cries watching it. (move)

4. Paul Walker has won Oscar for the best ____________. (act)

5. This girl sings _______________although she is a ____________. (bad/sing)

6. This film made a strong____________ on me. (impress)

7. Have you ever seen this comedy? It’s really____________. (fun)

8. The film was____________ though they spent millions of dollars making it. (succeed)

9. I love action films. The/re very____________. (excite)

10. Big Ben Down is about a group of____________ who take control of Big Ben. (terror)

11. We were____________ with the service at the cinema. Everything was terrible. (satisfy)

12. There are always cowboys in a____________. (west)

13. The film is a big____________. It is boring from beginning to end. (disappoint)

14. A drama is a play in a theatre or on television or radio, or plays and____________ generally. (act)

15. The film is about two hijackers who ____________ to blow up the plane. (threat)

16. Horror films____________ my younger sister. (terrible)

17. I don’t think it is good for young kids to see____________ on TV. (violent)

18. We are going to the cinema to see an____________ film. (amazed)

19. Although Titanic is a ____________ film, it has a sad ending. (romance)

20. He falls in love with a pretty girl. It’s a beautiful____________. (romantic)

21. His recent film received a lot of____________ from the public. (critic)

22. My favourite____________ -fiction films have being from Mars. (scientist)

23. I don’t like horror films because they are too____________ for me. (fright)

24. Dracula is the best____________ film I’ve ever seen. (impress)

25. Do you know Daniel Day-Lewis? He has won three Oscars for best ____________. (act)




Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentences.

1. I saw so many _______________flowers when I attended the festival last year. (beauty)

2. The Christmas season is also called the____________ season. (festival)

3. I loved the____________ this night. (perform)

4. There is a great _______________for girls on March 3rd every year. (celebrate)

5. What I like about festivals is that they show the____________ values of different communities. (culture)

6. Hoi An is an old city with many places of _______________. (interesting)

7. The _______________for Hue festival is taken by my group. (prepare)

8. All the streets in the city center are decorated with _______________lights and red banners. (color)

9. There has been various _______________shows on TV recently. (entertain)

10. The Chinese New Year marks the ____________spring and the start of the Lunar New Year. (begin)

11. Streets are decorated with lights and red banners. (colour)

12. It is____________ in America to eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. (tradition)

13. Vietnam’s New Year is ____________ according to the Lunar calendar. (celebrate)

14. What forms of ____________do you participate in during the festival? (entertain)

15. Her eyes were wide with ____________ when she heard the news. (excite)

16. A masquerade is a ______________ gathering of people wearing masks. (festival)

17. The Rio Carnival Samba ______________ are known as the greatest show on Earth! (parade)

18. A music festival includes live ______________ of singing and musical instrument playing. (perform)

19. Hue Festival is a ______________ event that is held every two years. (culture)

20. New Year’s Eve is one of the largest global ______________ because it marks the last day of the year. (celebrate)




Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentences.

1. Tidal energy is renewable, ____________and clean. (plenty)

2. Wind will be used as an ____________friendly sources of energy. (environment)

3. There are many ways will be used to solve the problem of _____________. (pollute)

4. Solar power can be used to ____________or cool our houses. (hot)

5. _______________, fossil fuels are harmful to the environment. (fortunate)

6. We should use them_________ and try to find out alternative sources of power. (economy)

7. Solar energy is____________, plentiful and clean. (renew)

8. I think that solar energy can be an___________ source of energy in the near future. (alter)

9. We should reduce the use of___________ at home. (electrical)

10. It’s a clean source of energy. Sailboats couldn’t move without this________. (powerful)

11. Waves will be used as an____________ friendly source of energy. (environment)

12. Limit car trips by relying on biking, walking, public____________. (transport)

13. Solar power can be used to____________ or cool our houses. (hot)

14. Energy is used to____________ a lot of electrical things. (product)

15. There will be a____________ of energy in the near future. (short)

16. I don’t think so. The solar panels are becoming__________ and easy to install. (cheap)

17. Scientists are looking for clean and ____________ sources of energy. (effect)

18. I know it is also clean and safe to the environment. But does it cost a lot of money to install the____________ panels on the roofs? (sun)

19. More renewable energy sources will be used to solve the problem of_________. (pollute)

20. Because our major sources of energy are running out while the solar energy is abundant and____________. (limit)

21. ____________, fossil fuels are harmful to the environment. (fortunate)

22. Energy is used to produce a lot of____________ things. (electrical)

23. The____________ of wind turbines will be completed by next Friday. (install)

24. It can be found in only some places of the earth. It comes from____________ inside the earth. (deep)

25.____________ particles reach the Earth in just 8 minutes. (energy)



Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentences.

1. My big brother rode his bike ____________and had an accident. (care)

2. We couldn’t see the airplane because it ____________behind the cloud. (appear)

3. If it doesn’t rain soon, there’ll be a great ____________of water. (short)

4. I don’t think it will come true soon; however, your idea is really _______________. (imagine)

5. Thomas Edison is one of the greatest ____________in history. (invent)

6. The hover scooter is our new ____________. (create)

7. John likes traveling by bicycle, but it is ____________in bad weather. (please)

8. It is a sky ____________system; it’ll stop everyone from crashing. (safe)

9. He feels very tired after two continuous nights of ____________. (sleep)

10. Various roads will be ____________at the beginning of next year. (wide)

11. We want to buy ____________ that will save money. (product)

12. These ____________will conserve the earth’s resources. (innovate)

13. D.E Huges was the____________ of microphone. (invent)

14. The price of____________ has gone up again. (electric)

15. People in the countryside is____________. (friend)

16. If it doesn’t rain soon, there’ll be a great____________ of water. (short)

17. Environmental ____________ is every body’s responsibility. (protect)

18. Taxi drivers have to have good____________ on the street names. (know)

19. In the future, many buildings will be____________ by solar energy. (hot)

20. My brother can repair electric ____________ very well. (apply)




Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentences.

1. In big cities, there are many wealthy people, but __________is still a problem. (poor)

2. Life must be __________in the slums. (difficulty)

3. The kids look __________enough to go out now. (health)

4. The air in the city is very __________. (pollute)

5. We’ll make this beach clean and __________again. (beauty)

6. The most popular __________ at recess is talking. (act)

7. Many young people are doing __________ service. (common)

8. Living in the city is __________ than living in the countryside. (noisy)

9. If you want to have a __________ body, you should play sports. (health)

10. We have ____________ work to do in the afternoon than in the morning. (little)

11. Wind power is convenient and ___________ . (abundance)

12. At this time next week, we ___________English grammar. (study)

13. Many poor people in ________ countries don’t have modern sources of energy. (develop)

14. In the future, the wind and the sun _________ as the most important energy sources. (use)

15. My father used ___________a lot of time for the festivals. (spend)

16. The first symptom of the disease is a very high __________. (temperate)

17. The long hot summer has led to serious water__________. (short)

18. To have hundreds of___________ people sleeping in the streets of a rich city like London is a crime. (home)

19. Average___________ for skilled workers are rising. (earn)

20. We lived in rented__________ before buying this house. (accommodate)

21. Drought has________ many countries in Africa after a long period of dry weather. (affect)

22. Nuclear power can be used for___________ or military purposes. (peace)

23. The government is trying to limit population____________. (grow)

24. A megacity is a very large city with big____________. (popular)

25. Healthcare workers who offer____________ care to others are some of the lowest paid people in the country. (medicine)





Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentence.

1. obedience 6. flight 11. dangerous 16. interested
2. safety 7. strictly 12. driving 17. carefully
3. unhealthy 8. signaled 13. parking 18. collection
4. carelessly 9. prohibitive 14. enjoyable 19. employees
5. illegal 10. warning 15. truthful 20. flights



Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentence.

1. violence 6. impression 11. unsatisfied 16. terrify
2. frightening 7. funny 12. western 17. violence
3. moving 8. unsuccessful 13. disappointment 18. amazing
4. actor 9. exciting 14. acting 19. romantic
5. badly/ singer 10. terrorists 15. threaten 20. romance
21. criticism
22. science
23. frightening
24. impressive
25. actor



Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentence.

1. beautiful 6. interests 11. colourful 16. festive
2. festival 7. preparation 12. traditional 17. parades
3. performance 8. colorful 13. celebrated 18. performance
4. celebration 9. entertaining 14. entertainment 19. cultural
5. cultural 10. beginning 15. excitement 20. celebrations



Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentence.

1. plentiful 6. economically 11. environmentally 16. cheaper
2. environmental 7. renewable 12.transportation/ transport 17. effective
3. pollution 8. alternative 13. heat 18. solar
4. heat 9. electricity 14. produce 19. pollution
5. unfortunately 10. power 15. shortage 20. unlimited
21. Unfortunately
22. Electrical
23. installation
24. deep
25. Energetic



Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentence.

1. carelessly 6. creation 11. products 16. shortage
2. disappeared 7. unpleasant 12. innovations 17. protection
3. shortage 8. safety 13. inventor 18. knowledge
4. imaginative 9. sleeplessness 14. electricity 19. heated
5. inventors 10. widened 15. friendly 20. appliances



Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentence.

1. poverty 6. activities 1. abundant 16. temperature
2. difficult 7. common 2. will be studying 17. shortages
3. healthy 8. noisier 3. developing 18. homeless
4. polluted 9. healthy 4. will be used 19. earnings
5. beautiful 10. less 5. to spend 20. accommodation
21. affected
22. peaceful
23. growth
24. population
25. medical

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