Bộ tài liệu và bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 theo chương trình mới – Chuyên đề VERB FORMS (UNIT 7-12)



I. Put the verbs into the correct forms.

1. If people (be) _____________ fully aware of the dangers of air pollution, they (damage) _____________ the atmosphere this way.

2. If I (be) _____________ you, I (turn) _____________ the volume down for him to sleep.

3. We (not be) _____________ able to drink that water if it is not refined.

4. If you (reduce) _____________ the number of bulbs in your house, you (pay) _____________ less money for the electricity bill next month.

5. If many animals and plants die, it (unbalance) _____________ our ecosystem.

6. I’ll only stay if you (offer) _____________ me more money.

7. If anyone (call) _____________, tell them I’m not at home.

8. If he (improve) _____________ his IT skills, he’d easily get a job.

9. If I was in charge, I (do) _____________ things differently.

10. She (glare) _____________ at me if I go near her desk.

11. If I were you, I (not do) _____________ that.

12. If I (have) _____________ more time, I would do more on my websites.

13. If I were a rich man, I (buy) _____________ a home like palace.

14. If I (speak) _____________ English very well, I would look for a job in foreign companies.

15. If I (understand) _____________ what the teacher said, I could tell you.

16. If I (have) _____________ time, I (finish) _____________ that letter.

17. What you (do) _____________ if you (miss) _____________ the plane?

18. Nobody (notice) _____________ if you (make)_____________ a mistake.

19. If you (drop) _____________ that glass, it (break) _____________.

20. If you (not leave) _____________, I (call) _____________ the police.



I. Put the verbs into the correct forms.

1. The bus for the excursion to the farm (leave) _____________at 8.30 a.m. tomorrow.

2. We (visit) _____________Edinburgh twice, but we (visit) _____________ it again in 2018.

3. The educational campaign about recycling (take place) _____________at 9.30 a.m. in front of the local stadium.

4. There is no need to hurry. The concert (last) _____________2 hours and we will still have a plenty of time to enjoy it.

5. Great! I (win) _____________a trip to Singapore.

6. Remember to lake an umbrella with you when travelling to London. You know it always (rain)_____________ in England.

7. Mr. Brown (write) _____________ three poems about his motherland.

8. Look! That man (run) _____________ after the bus. He (want) _____________ to catch it.

9. My brother (not/ play) _____________ any match since last month.

10. Lucia (swim) _____________ very well, but she (not run) _____________ very fast.

11. Sorry I can’t help you. I (not know)_____________where they keep their document.

12. I can’t talk on the phone now. I (drive) _____________home.

13. Is this the first time she (lose) _____________ her job?

14. She rarely (come) _____________ to see her parents because she is very busy.

15. Oh, No! Somebody (take) _____________ my car.

16. Mark (have) _____________ lunch with his friends in a Chinese restaurant.

17. Carlos got his bike last June. So, he (have) _____________ it for 6 months.

18. All members in my family often (have) _____________breakfast late.

19. They (clean)_____________ their car. It looks new again.

20. She (lose) _____________ the keys, so she can’t open the door.



I. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

1. Before she (go)_____________ to bed, she (finish) _____________ her homework.

2. Few people (understand) _____________ the news when the consequences began to appear.

3. After they (go)_____________, he (sit) _____________ down and (rest) _____________.

4. When I came to the theatre, the film (start)_____________.

5. Before she (listen)_____________ to music, she (do) _____________ homework.

6. Last night, David (go)_____________ to the supermarket before he (go)_____________ home.

7. _____________ you (finish)_____________ the report before he asked for it?

8. Our boss (not make)_____________ the decision yet when management changed their mind.

9. Mark (want) _____________to go to New York, but his wife changed his mind.

10. We (eat already)_____________ so we weren’t hungry.

11. _____________ you (take) _____________ part in this game if you have free time?

12. People who do voluntary work in this city (give) _____________ out free food to the poor for a long time.

13. How often _____________ you (practise) _____________ speaking English?

14. I (get) _____________ good marks after my examination finished at school.

15. _____________ they (leave) _____________ their house when their parents visited them?

16. If I were you, I (not go) _____________ out alone.

17. Jenny usually (attend) _____________ her teachers’ lectures on time.

18. In my house, pigs are often (feed) _____________by my mother.

19. How about (travel) _____________ to Nha Trang beach this weekend?

20. Anna (not manage) _____________ to prevent her cats from fighting with each other since the first time.



I. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Would you mind (close) _____________the window?

2. I’d really love (see) _____________ you again.

3. It was a nice day, so we decided (go) _____________ for a walk.

4. I’ve got a new smart phone. I haven’t learnt (use) _____________it yet.

5. I hate (have)_____________ to get up early on Sunday!

6. Don’t forget (post) _____________ the letter I gave you.

7. I wonder where Linda is. She promised not (be) _____________ late.

8. What do you want (do) _____________ later?

9. Minh suggested (have) _____________ a video conference this week.

10. I’m still looking for a job, but I hope (find) _____________ something soon.

11. Quang Ngai was (hit) _____________ by a severe storm last year.

12. If the air (not pollute) _____________ people’s physical condition will be better.

13. Where (be) _____________, they from? Spain and England.

14. If you had magic, what _____________ you(do) _____________to stop pollution?

15. Minh (finish) _____________ his housework before I went home.

16. _____________ she (visit) _____________ her close friends before the day she left the city?

17. How would you become if you (stop) _____________ drinking water?

18. _____________ you (have) _____________ problems with your French lessons?

19. She could manage (overcome) _____________ her serious illness last week.

20. Nick often (record) _____________ his voice when he practices speaking English.



I. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Jack and Sue said that they (go) _____________ cycling the day after tomorrow.

2. I don’t feel like going out tonight. I think I just (go) _____________ to bed.

3. In the future, robots (be)_____________ able (do)_____________ everything.

4. He said that robots (can do) _____________many things for us, but they might not (enhance) _____________ totally the quality of our lives

5. This time next month she (go) _____________ on a business trip to Australia?

6. They asked me if I (see) _____________ Mr. Smith the previous day.

7. When I (rang) _____________ Nam last week, he said he (be) _____________ busy that day.

8. When I called, Susan said she (give) _____________ the dog a bath so she (ask) _____________ me (phone) _____________ back in half an hour.

9. His teacher thinks that she (be)_____________ a famous musician one day.

10. Mai said that she (travel) _____________to Australia the following year.

11. We reminded Mark (not be)_____________ late for our appointment the next day.

12. In the future, e-learning (replace)_____________ traditional schools and millions of people around the world (be)_____________ able (study)_____________ the similar online lesson at the same time.

13. Technician said fuel used and carbon dioxide released from vehicles (be)_____________ reduced by a new cruise control.

14. The girl is having flu now. She (take) _____________ part in the contest next week?

15. We believed that advances in medical science (will) _____________ help people (live) _____________ longer.

16. She said that she (use)_____________ solar panels because they (be)_____________ cheaper than electricity.



I. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. It is predicted that most vehicles on road (run on) _____________solar energy in the future.

2. Are you sure that people (not use) _____________landline phone in the next decades?

3. She said that she (never believe) _____________in telepathy.

4. My teacher said that your presentation (can be) _____________better if you (use)_____________more body language to express your ideas.

5. My cousin said that he (study) _____________archeology when he (go)_____________to university.

6. For over 130 years, Akubra hats (make) _____________its legendary stories in Australia.

7. My friend asked me how I (feel) _____________if someone gave me a brand new MacBook.

8. First names (use) _____________more commonly in Australia than other countries.

9.They get sick so often. If they exercised more, they (be) _____________healthier.

10. At this moment next year, I (lie) _____________on Maldives beach.

11. If he (be able to turn) _____________back to childhood, he (spend)_____________more time with his friends.

12. The ship (swallow)_____________by the sea before the rescue team (come) _____________

13. By 9 p.m last night, I (accomplish) _____________my essay writing on tourism.

14. They asked what I (do) _____________if I (be) _____________there during that hurricane.

15. Can you come over my house after 9 a.m. tomorrow? I (go)_____________ out until 8.45 a.m.




I. Put the verbs into the correct forms.

1. were – wouldn’t damage

2.were – would turn

3.won’t be

4.reduce – will pay

5.will unbalance

6. offer

7. calls

8. improved

9. would do

10. glares

11. wouldn’t do

12. had

13. would buy

14. could speak

15. understood

16. have – will finish

17. will you do – miss

18. will notice – make

19. drop – will break

20. don’t leave – will call



I. Put the verbs into the correct forms.

1. leaves

2. have visited – will be visiting

3. takes place

4. lasts

5. have won

6. is always raining

7. has written

8. is running – wants

9. hasn’t played

10. swims – doesn’t run

11. don’t know

12. am driving

13. has lost

14. comes

15. has taken

16. is having

17. has had

18. have

19. have cleaned

20. has lost



I. Use the words given in the box to complete the following sentences.

1. went – had finished

2. had understood

3. had gone – sat – rested

4. had started

5. listened – had done

6. had gone – went

7. had you finished

8. hadn’t made

9. had wanted

10. had already eaten

11. Will you take

12. have given

13. do you practise

14. got

15. Had they left

16. wouldn’t go

17. attends

18. fed

19. travelling

20. hasn’t managed



IV. Complete the following sentences with the correct form (ing- form or to-infinitive) of the verbs in brackets.

1. closing

2. to see

3. to go

4. to use

5. having

6. to post

7. to be

8. to do

9. having

10. to find

11. hit

12. is not polluted

13. are

14. would you do

15. had finished

16. Had she visited

17. stopped

18. Do you have

19. to overcome

20. records



IV. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. would go

2. will just go

3. will be/ to do

4. could/ do/ enhance

5. will she be going

6. had seen

7. rang/ was

8. was giving/ asked/ to phone

9. will be

10. would travel

11. not to be

12. will replace/ will be/ to study

13. would be

14. Will she take?

15. would/ live

16. used/ were



I. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. will run on

2. will not be using

3.had never believed

4.could have been – had used

5.would be studying – went

6. have made

7. would feel

8. are used

9. would be

10. will be lying

11.was able to turn – would spend

12.had been swallowed – came

13.had accomplished

14.would have done – had been

15.will be going

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