Đề thi cấp huyện ioe lớp 7

A. Điền từ
1.How ____5_ visiting Blue Angel shop? There is possibly something interesting to give Mary on her birthday.
2.___5__ I carry that luggage for you? – Thanks. (could)
3.My father often drinks a 3 of tea in the morning. (cup)
4.I’m back _4___ school and I’m hungry.
5.The symptoms of a cold are a running nose, a slight fever, coughing and _8_ ( sneezing)
6.She walks to school. It means she goes to school on _4___. (foot)
7.Where is _3__ nearest airport? – Go ahead for 3 kilometers. (the)
8.I’m busy today. – How __5___ tomorrow?
9.Mrs. Lana’s children seem to be excited when they saw many different types of fish in the ___8_____. ( aquarium)
10.Hurry up _2_ you will be late for school.
11.She __4__ aerobics and plays badminton everyday. (does)
12.I can’t go with you. – That’s too bad. Why _3__?
13.Cabbages, spinach and beans are vegetables.
14.I have fewer stamps _4___ he does. (than)
15.A ____10______ makes clothes for people.
16.Because Jim is __5___-sighted, he can’t read what is on the boars.
17.Could you show me the way to Thu Le zoo? – Yes, Sure. Go along Trang Tien Street until you come to a ___10_______. It’s on your right.
18.One of the __4__ popular kinds of sports is football. (most)
19.Is Mexico City the biggest___ city in the world?
20..__3_ are you doing at school? – I’m doing fine, thanks! (how)
21.How much does it __4__ to mail a local letter in Vietnam?( cost)
22.There’s a garage __7_____ the house and the garden.
23.We stay here longer than we __3_ last summer holiday.
24.My mum would use a _6_ machine to make my clothes instead of buying them. (sewing)
25.He never gets _3__ good marks because he is too lazy.
26.Nam __7_____ listening to music to going to the concert.
27.there are several useful _____11______ remedies that help in getting rid of the pain. (đau bụng) is a mechanic___. He repairs machines in a factory.
29.keep your teeth healthy, you should see the dentist twice a year for regular ____8____.
30. He is talking _2_ his father about fishing (to)
31. eating too much sugar is bad _3__ your teeth. (for)
32.Every student in those five rooms must bring __5___ own book to class.
33.It rained a _3__ in Chicago last week.
34.Lan’s sister is very absent- __6____. She left her umbrella on the bus many times.
35.What time is it? – It’s a quarter _2_ one. (to)
36.Many women in Vietnam often stay at home to take care of the house and look _5__ their children.(after)
37.Don’t worry about _2_, Mom. I can take care of myself. (me)
38.She has to use a calculator to do Math exercises.
39.Could you give me some cookies? – _ 4___ you are.
40.How can I __3_ to the bus station? – Go straight ahead. (get)
41.She writes _2_ her grandparents quite often. (to)
42.Jessica and her roommate ___9______ their room with silver stars and yellow and pink flowers last night. ( sơn nhà)
43.How long does a school year _4 ___? – Around 9 months. (last)
44.There are 366 days in a __4__ year. (leap)
45.You had ___6___ not eat too many candies because they are not good for your teeth.
46.Hurry up _2_ you will be late for school.
47.tomorrow will be Jennifer’s 9_ birthday.
48.the schoolyard often becomes ___7____ during recess. ( bịt tai)
49.___5__ your teeth at least once a day to remove plaque and food that’s stuck between your teeth. ( kéo răng, nhổ răng)
50.This morning I ate bread and ___5__ some milk for breakfast. (drank)
51.We often study English in the school language __4__.
52.Most children like eating _3__ cream when watching sports. (ice)
53. How 4 is your summer vacation? It often lasts for 3 months (long)
54. She often 3 breakfast with her family (has)
55. Would you like to play football with me? I’d like to, 3 I can’t (but)
56. Can you show me how to get to the HCM Museum? Go 8 along this road until you reach the traffic lights. ( straight)
57. Anna spends most 2 Her time studying in the library. (of)
B. Sắp xếp:
1. There was/ a souvenir shop/ near/ the exit of / the aquarium.
2. To many people/ there’re friends/ are the most/ important things/ to their life.
3. The visitor/ spoke too quickly/ for me to/ understand what/ he said.
4. It’s/ a short walk/ from here/ to the supermarket.
5. Some small/ objects in/ the street/ are dangerous/ for children.
6. Could/ you show/ me the way/ to the supermarket,/ please?
7. Summer holiday is/ really/ a time/ of fun/ for students.
8. Mom/ always puts/ all/ dirty clothes/ in the washing machine.
9. Is/ there a big/ garden in fron/ of your uncle’s/ house?
10. What/ shall we/ have/ for lunch/ today, Mom?
11. People/ can prevent/ headaches by/ changing their diets/ or their lifestyle.
12. with friends are/ ways of relaxing at recess/ for school chidren./ Eating and talking/ the most common
13. What time/ of/ the year/ do you/ go abroad?
14. Do they pay you/ much/ money/ for working/ here?
15. Last year/ my brother/ worked as an/ engineer at a/ printing factory.
16. What/ is the most/ favourite sport/ in the/ United Kingdom?
17. I’m/ interested in/ playing soccer/ with my friends/ at recess.
18. was at/ I studied/ two languages/ high school./ when I
19. When Marie/ went to Paris to study/ at university./ Mathematics and Chemistry/ grew up, she
20. We have/ Biology/ week./ lessons/ twice a
21. in the picture/ there/ you see?/ over/ What can?
22. What/ is/ West Lake?/ the width/ of
23. My aunt/ lives in/ a mountainous/ area of/ the country.
24. What is/ your/ granddaughter’s/ age?
25. last Monday./ we saw/ the one/ This film is/ better than
26. Mr.Jones/ than go to/ the cinema./ would rather/ watch TV
27. bus stop./ It takes/ about five minutes/ to go to/ the nearest
28. electronic games./ of their free time/ spend only a small part/ Children should/ playing
29. walking/ An/ old/ woman is/ in the rain.
30. Flowers is/ an important/ gift on/ days./ special
31. Is/ his date/ the eighth/ of November/ of birth?
32. a playground for/ little/ This hotl/ children./ has
33. There is/ bedroom./ on the left/ of her/ a desk
34. at Mary’s/ What will/ birthday party/ next week?/ you wear
35. go out/ for a walk/ Why/ don’t we/ tonight?
36. in plluted air./ Mr.Lam is/ from breathing/ to protect him/ now wearing a dust mask
37. She never/ potatoes and/ buys/ cabbages/ at the market.
38. a long face/ and a straight/ He has/ nose
39. and weighing on/ the moment./ Hoa is/ measuring her height/ the scale at
40. Listening to music/ going to/ more interesting than/ the concert./ at home is
41. a whole/ the bike./ afternoon/ fixing/ They spent
42. Quan is/ natural/ very/ good at/ sciences.
43. today?./ to begin/ your lesson/ Are you/ ready
44. is flying/ That plane/ Look!/ the airport./ toward
45. helps me/ Mai always/ with my/ Maths/ homework.
46. get to the/ Could you/ tell me how to/ please?/ nearest station,
47. Mr. Pike’s/ Arts and Music/ is studying/ daughter/ at university.
48. are away/ Can he/ his parents/ himself when/ take care of
49. a friend/ of mine./ the party/ I came to/ with
50. The bad weather/ prevented us/ from/ enjoying/ our picnic.
51. you?/ each of/ tell/ What does/ the pictures
52. want/ Phillip/ an engineer?/ Why does/ to be
53. the table/ put a chair/ and the sofa./ They should/ between
54. loves/ of small/ animals./ My sister/ taking care
55. in the suburbs/ My brother is an/ of the capital./ engineer and he works/ in a factory
56. with his children/ usually/ Mr.Long/ spends time/ on Easter.
57. My brother’s/ seven in the evening./ will star at/ half past/ birthday party
58. In the future,/ we will have/ less work and/ more money/ to spend.
59. to be nice/ He tries/ old people./ to/ and polite
60. We are/ Center./ going to a/ at City Concert/ concert tonight
61. She/ doesn’t have/ as/ many books/ as I do.
C. Chọn đáp án đúng:
1. Mary and I are looking forward to…… you (see/ sees/ seeing/ of see)
2. Michael doesn’t have many….. in Liverpool. (relation/ relative/ relative/ relationship)
3. What do you often do in your free time? (I often spend time to listen to music/ I often spend time listen to music/ I often spend time and listen to music/ I often spend time listening to music)
4. Trọng âm: (invation/ favorite/ newspaper/ image)
5. I like to wear the cap my parents …… me when they visited HL Bay. (buying/ bought/ buys/ buy)
6. It often…….. me 30’ to go to the school by motorbike. (takes/ gets/ gives/ has)
7. borrowed/ started/ measured/ drilled
8. …….. does it take to get to your brother’s university by car? (when/ how much/ how long/ what time)
9. photo/ badminton/ hotel/ homework
10. Lan is staying……. Her aunt’s house in HN now. ( in/ on/ with/ at)
11. Wash vegetables and fruits before…… ( cooks and eats/ cooking and eating/ cooking and eat/ to cook and to eat)
12. Do Vietnamese students have more or……… vacations than America students? (many/ little/ fewer/ less)
13. Trọng âm: afternoon/ pretty/ dialogue/ morning
14. My aunt came to HK… vacation (in/ at/ by/ on)
15. She looks very…….. (nervous/ nevously/ nervy/ nervousness)
16. The more money you put in the park, ……… ( the more high interest you will get/ the more interesting you get/ the higher interest you will get/ the more you will get)
17. Mrs.Jennifer buys a packet of envelopes …. 25,000 dong. (at/ in/ of/ about)
18. Hurry up! We ….. for you. If you are slow, you are miss strain. (are waiting/ waited/ wait/ waits)
19. Hurry up! We have ……. time left or we will be late (little/ few/ much/ a little)
20. Weak >< strong/ light/ heavy/ thin
21. After dinner my father ….. a cup of tea (usually has/ has often/ sometimes dink/ never have)
22. pleasure/ please/ heat/ teach
23. Lan’s family………. To NT for their last summer vacation. ( visited/ went/ had/ stopped)
24. My house is near a……. building ( ten floors/ ten-floor/ tenth floor/ tenth-floor)
25. greeted/ needed/ cooked/ collected
26. Please have …… look…… my new bike. It’s very nice ( the…to/ a…at/ the…of)
27. How …. Is your house near from here? It’s about 30’……… bike. (much…on/ many……of/ far….by/ long… in)
28. The news on TV last night…… very good. (was/ were/ had/ be)
29. means/ physics/ novels/ friends
30. Was he disappointed? Yes, he found the movies…….. ( boring/ bores/ boringly/ bored)
31. …….. 2 Sep morning, 1945, a new nation was born. (at/ on/ in/ by)
32. …. Takes us 6h to travel from here to Manchester ( We/ it/ that/ this)
33. Nancy’s new dress is totally …….. from her old ones. (similar/ same/ different/ like)
34. Was the competition a success ? Yes, ……. People took part in that usual. ( more/ less/ fewer/ many)
35. How’s karen today? She is feeling …. She was yesterday. ( better slightly than/ slight better than/ slightly better than/ slightly better)
36. watch/ kitchen/ children/ champagne
37. My husband often buys gifts…. Me when he comes back …… holidays. ( to….from/ to….. for/ for….. to/ for….. from)
37. Câu đúng: (She thinks that she has easier life than others/ She thinks that has more easier life than others/ She thinks that she has a easier life than others/ She thinks that she has easier life to others)
38. Let’s play volleyball = (We play volleyball/ Is playing volleyball your pastime?/ What about playing volleyball?/ Why do we play volleyball?)
39. The US has a ….. of around 250 million ( population/ countries/ people/ cities)
40. comb/ polite/ hope/ polish
41. Lisa is my English friend. We often talk…. Each other….. English ( 0…….by/ 0……to/ to…….by/ to…in)
42. I taught…….. ( to her some Vn(amese)/ for her some Vn/ her some Vn/ some VN to her)
43. Câu đúng: (She is very happy on her last vacation/ She was very happy on her last vacation/ She was very happy on last her vacation/ She did very happy on her last vacation)
44. Nam……. From Hue but he….. with his relatives in HN City at the moment ( come…….is staying/ comes.. stays/ came…. Stays/ comes……. Is staying)
45. Chọn 1 cái khác: ( lazy/ early/ hard-working/ studious)
46. Our new car is smaller, so it uses ……… petrol ( more/ less/ fewer/ little)
47. He helps me…. Homework ( doing/ do/ does/ all are correct)
48. What do students do …. Break? ( at/ in/ for/ on)
49. Make a table……. Notes about your favorite subjects ( of/ for/ to/ 0)
50. Would you like ……… that for you? (me doing/ that I do/ me to do/ me do)
51. Can you see many people in the house? ………. (only a little/ only few/ only little/ only a few)
52. It’s difficult for her ………. This Maths exercises. ( doing/ did/ to do/ does)
53. Please…… the milk carefully. I don’t want it to boil over. (see/ look at/ watch/ notice)
54. Please tell me ….. about your study. – My report card is good. ( many/ few/ much/ more)
55. drill/ iron/ probly/ break
56. Thomas stands …….. to greet his teacher (down/ into/ off/ up)

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