Những cách dùng từ thay cho từ “good” trong tiếng Anh

Here are some alternative words to use instead of “good” in English:

  • “Great” (e.g., “That was a great movie.”)
  • “Excellent” (e.g., “She did an excellent job on the project.”)
  • “Outstanding” (e.g., “He is an outstanding player.”)
  • “Impressive” (e.g., “The building is very impressive.”)
  • “Superb” (e.g., “The food was superb.”)
  • “Fantastic” (e.g., “He has a fantastic sense of humor.”)
  • “Terrific” (e.g., “The view from the top of the mountain was terrific.”)
  • “Wonderful” (e.g., “She has a wonderful singing voice.”)
  • “Remarkable” (e.g., “He has a remarkable talent for music.”)
  • “Marvelous” (e.g., “The performance was marvelous.”)

Using these alternative words can add variety to your vocabulary and make your writing or speech sound more interesting and sophisticated. It’s important to use them appropriately and not overuse them, as doing so can make your writing or speech sound unnatural or exaggerated.

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