Những cách dùng từ thay cho từ “very” trong tiếng Anh

Here are some ways to use words other than “very” to intensify adjectives in English:

  • “Extremely” (e.g., “She is extremely talented.”)
  • “Incredibly” (e.g., “He is incredibly smart.”)
  • “Tremendously” (e.g., “The food was tremendously delicious.”)
  • “Totally” (e.g., “I am totally in love with her.”)
  • “Absolutely” (e.g., “The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely breathtaking.”)
  • “Unbelievably” (e.g., “She sings with an unbelievably beautiful voice.”)
  • “Exceptionally” (e.g., “He is an exceptionally good teacher.”)
  • “Remarkably” (e.g., “The film was remarkably well-made.”)
  • “Astoundingly” (e.g., “She has astoundingly good instincts.”)
  • “Exceptionally” (e.g., “The weather has been exceptionally warm this week.”)

It’s important to use these words sparingly and only when appropriate, as overusing them can make your writing or speech sound unnatural or exaggerated.

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